In The Beginning...

Each day sleep deprived, adventure hungry bloggers share their latest stories with the world, all in the name of independent travel.

They cover almost every inch of the globe and this site aims to share the latest, greatest posts to make travel planning easier.


What Makes Uncovera Tick?

Chuck away that guide book and meet your new travel buddies.

Each day you'll have the best posts from a bunch of super travel savvy independent writers at your fingertips. You can search for almost any destination and get the latest info/advice/photos to help you plan a backpacking trip, city break or safari.


We Are The People

They've travelled to almost every country in the world with discovery in their hearts. They live thousands of miles from home, all in the name of travel. The best bit? They write about their awesome experiences and share them with the rest of us, every day.

Uncovera features hundreds of travel blogs, which means thousands of posts, choosing quality advice and stories over biased baloney/ under researched hot air. The intention is to deliver super relevant content with the latest word on any destination.


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