Scandinavia: Big Hygge Style

Scandinavia: Big Hygge Style

It's everywhere. From your cosy deer-festooned knitwear, 60's style teak coffee table and that bare-brick 'coffee palace' that's always packed, not forgetting tech innovators like Spotify and Skype, Scandinavia has pretty much taken over. 

Primarily, it is made up of three snow-capped heavyweights - Sweden, Norway and Denmark - and, depending on who you ask, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands can sometimes make the teamsheet. With some of Europes crispest fashion, lauded design credentials and even a few new words in the English dictionary, Scandi is slang for cool.

Check the country profiles and dig a little deeper


Sweden (Sverige) →

For the explorers, Sweden's landscape is a fir-filled playground. Stockholm's old town is bursting with autumn colours and is aiming to be Europe's greenest capital over the next few years. Further south and west, Gothenburg is forever the underdog but has plenty to keep you entertained for a long weekend. 



Norway (Norge) →

As more people in Europe begin to look northwards for a weekend away, Norway has been breaking Instagram with snaps of the epic coastal fjords, superb dining in Oslo and a clutch of smaller cities waiting with open arms and roaring fires to welcome the influx of wide-eyed visitors. 



Denmark (Danmark) →

Denmark can sometimes be overlooked for it's bigger siblings in when people dream up their trips to Scandinavia. Do so at your peril, as you'll be missing out on one of the most fun capitals in the world, Copenhagen, and perhaps the coolest bridge too. Denmark can compete on the grand scale too, calling on the Faroe Islands to bring up it's 'jaw-dropping Scandi landscape' quota.



Iceland (Ísland ) →

Famous for somebody giving it the wrong name, Iceland seems to have done pretty well for itself recently. Scaling the travel charts, the country is rather ironically one of the hottest destinations for both city and adventure lovers alike. Reykjavik is busting with cultural goodies and there are just not enough superlatives to cover the natural landscapes.



Finland (Suomi) →

They say mystical creatures still lurk in the oil black lakes and forest-clad peaks of the Finnish hinterlands. Whether you believe in Moomin trolls or not, Finland is abit of a sleeper hit when it comes to an off-the-track travel.

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