Welcome to The Land Of Fire And Ice...


THIS WEEK: We take a look at icy delights in one of Europe's most northerly outposts. Social media has been set alight with snaps of sweeping glaciers and the desolate pathways that crisscross the island. Collected for your pleasure, the posts this week will deliver the very best of right now in Iceland and Reykjavik. 



A capital city where the sun always shines and a winter festival setting the global music scene on fire. We've all seen those photos of happy bathers in a steamy snow-bound pool right? Take Road 41 west and join the fun at the Blue Lagoon.


An Icelandic microcosm of Northern Lights, lava fields and waterfalls.


Beloved by film directors and adventure lovers alike, this national park boasts Europes largest glacier, Vatnajökull, and lagoon festooned with ice and beauty.

Iceland From Above:

One of the best ways to see Iceland's best side, this 4k Drone footage from Youtube's  ILOVETRAVEL captures the colours and cliffs.