Free Climbing in Austria's Lower Alps

I have a tonne and a half of respect for folks with the plums to get out there and see what they're made of. Bojan and Nikki over at Go Chase the Sun are a couple that have taken this mantra to some hefty alpine rock faces, just outside Vienna. They show us how this little landlocked country isn't all about the Alps and that a little spirit can go a long, long way. Also, if scaling sheer rock faces isn't cool enough for ya, these guys get an few extra respect nuggets for being tiptop bloggers too.  

Free climbing in Austria

Free climbing in Austria

Adventure travel like this is whirlwind to the core. You can't just show up and mooch around the 'vibrant' night markets or dig around the 'stunning' white beaches. No, if you want some real adventure, you get out there and lasso the beast that guards all the 'worth the effort' type gems a place has to offer.

Ride the tiger dudes.



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